International migration policies and data

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  • In Europe, the labour market impact of the recent refugee inflows will be small

    In some countries and sectors, however, notably among young, low-educated men in Austria and Germany, the impact is expected to be higher. Putting in place effective labour market integration measures for the most vulnerable refugees should be accompanied by strengthening policies to support these groups, particularly in terms of training and skills development

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  • Policies for combatting the illegal employment of foreign workers

    These policies should draw on a broad set of measures, including both labour market and migration policies in order to reduce informal employment and facilitate legal pathways, as well as measures specifically designed to enhance compliance and enforce existing regulation in the workplace. When the issue has become prominent or structural, regularisation programmes may appear as an unavoidable solution. However, they must be carefully designed and backed by policy changes that address the root cause of the phenomenon.

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  • Social mobility is an important policy objective to foster inclusive economies

    Immigrant mothers’ labour market participation seems to have an important impact on the outcomes of their children, more than for their peers with native-born parents. While this is observed for both genders, the association is particularly strong for women.

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