Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs

The Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs (ELS) leads the OECD’s work on employment, social policies, international migration and health.


Unemployment rose sharply in many countries in the wake of the global financial crisis that broke out in 2008 and has been very slow to recede, placing employment policy high on the agenda of governments.

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We help countries achieve high-performing health systems by measuring health outcomes & the use of health system resources as well as by analysing policies that improve access, efficiency & quality of health care.

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The OECD monitors developments in migration movements and policies in OECD countries and analyses integration policies of immigrants and their children into education and labour markets.

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Social Affairs

Effective social policy protects individuals and their families, and helps them lead a fulfilling life. We identify policies that help individuals and their families, and make societies and economies work more effectively.

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Key publications

“Rapid demographic change, technological progress, digitalisation and globalisation are creating many opportunities, but concerns are growing about people’s ability to cope with the rapid changes in work and society. This often fuels anxiety and uncertainty about the future. We need to help governments develop forward-looking skills, labour, health and social policies that help people seize opportunities while enabling them to face the challenges of a more dynamic and competitive environment.”

Stefano Scarpetta, Director of Employment, Labour and Social Affairs.

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