Summit Arrangements


The summit will take place in Finlandia Hall.


Registration to the GEIS 2015 will take place through the OECD. For registration and further information, please contact Ms. Rhodia Diallo ([email protected]) and Ms. Cindy Luggery-Babic ([email protected])

Bilateral meetings

There is an option for bilateral meetings during the Summit at the Finlandia Hall. If the Minister of your country wishes to meet with his/her colleagues, please contact Ms. Helena Lalu-Toivio ([email protected]).

If you already know the topics of interest to discuss in the bilateral meeting, please indicate the discussion themes with your request for a bilateral meeting.

Social Events

Conference Dinner

To register for the dinner on October 19, please contact Mr. Otto Ahoniemi ([email protected]). The dinner will take place at Restaurant Porssi.

Travel and accommodation

Arrival and departure

Information about the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is available at


Please see the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland for visa requirements for Finland.


For other accommodation, please see the Helsinki tourist information website.

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