Gender equality and development


  • Overview of aid to gender equality and women’s empowerment

    Total aid focused on gender equality was higher than ever before in 2015-2016. At the same time, support to programmes specifically dedicated to gender equality and women’s empowerment as their principal objective remains below 4% of total bilateral aid.

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  • Development finance for gender equality and women’s empowerment

    The case for investing in women’s rights organisations is firmly established. This report seeks to shed light on how this can best be done. It reviews how DAC donors are partnering with southern women’s rights organisations and identifies promising approaches, models and mechanisms.

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  • Gender inequality, conflict and fragility

    Gender inequality, conflict and fragility are key challenges to sustainable development. They are inextricably linked: unequal gender relations can drive conflict and violence, while women’s active participation contributes to peace and resilience.

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The DAC Network on Gender Equality (GENDERNET) is the only international forum where experts from development co-operation agencies meet to define common approaches in support of gender equality and women's rights.

Gender equality in the 2030 Agenda

The goal of the GenderNet is to improve policies and practices to strengthen gender equality in development programmes and to secure girls’ and women’s rights, contributing to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


The DAC gender equality policy marker

The OECD tracks aid in support of gender equality and women’s rights using the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) gender equality policy marker. By identifying gaps between policy commitments and financial commitments, the marker strengthens transparency and accountability in donor financing for gender equality and women’s rights.


Financing gender equality

In 2016-2017 DAC members targeted an average of USD 44.8 billion per year, corresponding to 38% of their bilateral allocable aid, towards gender equality and women’s equality as either a significant (secondary) or principal (primary) objective. This is higher than ever before.


Preventing sexual exploitation and abuse

The GenderNet monitors implementation of the DAC Recommendation on Ending Sexual Exploitation, Abuse, and Harassment in Development Co-operation and Humanitarian Assistance.


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