DAC global relations


We work with both members and non-members of the DAC to promote a sharing of knowledge and experience on providing and managing development co-operation.


The DAC’s dialogue on development co-operation covers issues of common interest, including triangular co-operation

There have been important shifts in the international development landscape over recent years. A range of non-DAC providers of development co-operation - including emerging economies, private philanthropies, and sector-specific funds - have rapidly increased support to developing countries. The DAC welcomes the contribution of all providers of development co-operation resources and expertise towards the common goal of reducing global poverty and is working to forge new and mutually beneficial relationships with these new partners in international development co-operation.

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Many non-DAC countries share their data on their development co-operation flows with us

Over the last years, more attention has been given to the development co-operation provided by countries beyond the DAC’s membership. Nineteen of these countries report to the OECD. The OECD also makes estimates of the development co-operation programmes of several other countries. More detailed and comprehensive information on development co-operation flows is important. It allows providers and recipients alike to make more informed decisions on budget allocations and helps to identify countries and sectors that may be over- or under - funded.

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development co-operation

The DAC is collaborating with countries beyond its membership on development co-operation management and statistics

Drawing on DAC experience, we hold seminars on managing aid and aid statistics with countries that are not members of the DAC. We can also conduct, on a demand-driven and self-funding basis, special reviews of a non-DAC country’s development co-operation programme and systems. In this way, the DAC is contributing to strengthen institutional capacity for managing development co-operation in non-DAC countries while also learning from the perspectives and experience of other countries.

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