About the Anti-Corruption Network - Brochure, 2016

Prevention of Corruption in the Public Sector, 2015

Specialised Anti-Corruption Institutions - Review of models, 2013

Mutual Legal Assistance and other forms of co-operation between Law Enforcement Agencies, 2013, English | Russian

Ethics Training for Public Officials, 2013, English | Russian

Manual on Investigation and Prosecution of Corruption Offences, 2012, English | Russian

Anti-corruption Specialisation of Prosecutors in Selected European Countries, 2011

Asset Declarations for Public Officials: A Tool to Prevent Corruption, 2011

Corruption: Glossary of International Criminal Standards, 2008

Criminalisation of Corruption, 2007, English | Russian

Assessing Trends in Corruption and Impact of Anti-Corruption Measures, 2005, English | Russian



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