‌Prevention of corruption  is a key tool, along with criminalisation and law enforcement, to fight corruption. While numerous policies and legal and institutional measures to prevent corruption and enhance integrity are developed in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, their effectiveness and practical implementation remain important challenges.

This cross-country report on prevention of public sector corruption analyses the preventive measures that have proven to be effective and successful in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The review focuses on twenty-one countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia and includes examples from OECD countries.


Integrity of Education Systems, A Methodology for Sector Assessment
English l Russian

Corruption Prevention in the Education, Extractive and Police Sectors
English | Russian

Prevention of Corruption in the Public Sector
English | Russian

Regional Seminars

Agenda EN l RUS: Regional Seminar on New Approaches and Practical Tools to Prevent Corruption at the Local Level, Vienna, Austria, 5-6 November 2018 

Agenda: Regional Seminar on Corruption-Free Cities of the Future, Tirana, Albania, 7-8 December 2017

Seminar Proceedings: Regional Seminar on Impact of Corruption Prevention Measures at National and Sectoral Level, Issyk-kul, Kyrgyzstan, 26-27 May 2016


Ethics Training for Public Officials, 2013 English | Russian

Asset Declarations for Public Officials: A Tool to Prevent Corruption, 2011

OECD work on fighting corruption in the public sector


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