Travelling to France

Visa requirements

European Union citizens do not need a visa to travel to France.

For other travellers, depending on nationality, length and purpose of stay in France, a visa may be required.  The visa needs to be obtained before departure; for more information, please consult the French Foreign Affairs Ministry website.

Paris airports

There are two airports in the Paris area.  North of Paris is Paris Charles de Gaulle (Paris CDG) airport, the largest airport and most often used for international flights.   South of Paris is Paris-Orly  airport.  For more information concerning the airports, including public transport access, please consult the Aéroports de Paris website

Travelling to Paris by train

Paris can be reached by two high-speed international trains:

  • Thalys - for travellers from Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands
  • Eurostar - for travellers from the United Kingdom



Other useful information


Euro (€, EUR)


220 V, 50 Hz

Time Zone:

GMT/UTC + 1 (Central European Time) 

Telephone Area Code:  

The international code to call France is “+ 33”. When calling from abroad, the number should be dialed without the first “0”.

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