2019 Forum

Date 24-25 September 2019     San Pedro Sula, Honduras  

The Latin American and Caribbean Competition Forum brings together high-level competition officials each year to promote dialogue, consensus building and networking among policy makers and enforcers in the region. The 2019 Forum took place in Honduras on 24-25 September 2019.

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2019 Latin American and Caribbean Competition Forum

Competition Reviews

The Inter-American Development Bank and the OECD have collaborated on a series of reviews of competition law and policy regimes in Latin America since 2003.

Most of these reviews were performed during the meetings of the forum which are held every year in a different country in Latin America and the Caribbean.

See all reviews and ongoing projects on this page.


Participation in Forum events is by invitation only and is open to senior officials of Latin American and Caribbean competition institutions, competition experts from OECD countries and international organisations. Registrations for the 2020 Forum have not yet been sent. 

If you have any questions please contact [email protected].

Previous forums

The 2018 edition of the LACCF took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 18-19 September 2018. Debates focused on the informal economy, competition law and policy in Peru, industrial policy and the promotion of domestic industry.

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See all other topics from previous forums



OECD Competition Division

Global Relations Co-ordinator
Tel: + 33 1  45 24 18 77  
Email: [email protected]



Angelique SERVIN
LACCF Project Co-ordinator
Tel: + 33 1  45 24 15 15 
Email: [email protected] 


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