Risk reduction approaches

Driven by concerns about the adverse impacts of PFASs on the environment and humans, risk reduction actions have been implemented to reduce the environmental and human exposure to certain long-chain PFASs. For instance, major global manufacturers in OECD countries have voluntarily discontinued production of certain long-chain PFASs.

In addition, the production and use of several long-chain PFASs and their precursors have been restricted under national, regional or international regulatory frameworks.

Countries' national/regional risk reduction approaches

The OECD/UNEP Global PFC Group conducted in 2015 a project to provide a snapshot of activities with regard to the development of risk reduction approaches for PFASs on the following countries/region:



Risk Reduction Approaches for PFASS - A Cross-Country Analysis

International initiatives

International initiatives are also aiming at reducing and eliminating the use of certain PFASs, in particular the work done in the framework of the Stockholm Convention.

Voluntary initiatives from industry

There are also a number of voluntary risk reduction measures taken by industry:

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