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  • Compendium: Common bean, Rice, Cowpea and Apple Compositional Considerations

    This volume compiles the composition of four important crops for agriculture and food consumption worldwide: Common bean, Rice, Cowpea and Apple. The science-based information collated is intended for use during the regulatory assessment of food/feed products derived from modern biotechnology, i.e. issued from transgenic plants.

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  • Consensus Document on APPLE biology (Malus domestica)

    A major fruit crop of temperate regions, APPLE is consumed worldwide as fresh fruit, juice and other food products. This consensus document provides science-based key insights for the regulatory assessment of the environmental safety of genetically-engineered products: taxonomy, reproductive biology, genetics, hybridisation and introgression, and ecology. This document is complementary to the earlier document addressing compositional considerations for new apple cultivars for food use and feed use.

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  • OECD Conference on Genome Editing: Applications in Agriculture

    The OECD Conference on Genome Editing: Applications in Agriculture – Implications for Health, Environment and Regulation explored the safety and regulatory considerations raised by genome edited products, with the aim to favour a coherent policy approach to facilitate innovation involving genome editing and will bring together policy makers, academia, innovators and other stakeholders involved in the topic.

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