Opportunities for sponsors

Sponsors of the OECD Centre on Green Finance and Investment take part in a unique, international public-private platform to deliver solutions for the low carbon transition and sustainable development. They support path-breaking work and connect with relevant policy makers and regulators represented in various OECD committees, while promoting effective global dialogue.

Through the Centre, the OECD can make its expertise and networks more accessible in fields as diverse as finance and investment, tax, governance, climate change and natural resources, agriculture, cities, trade, transportation and development.

To have a major impact, the best analysis, insights and innovations from the private, non-profit and philanthropic sectors need to be shared with mainstream decision makers and regulators worldwide. The OECD’s convening power and ability to promote the adoption of best practices by governments amplifies the impact of the OECD Centre’s research and analysis. In addition to helping to advance the OECD Centre’s work and engagement across governments and key stakeholders, sponsors of the Centre can help inform the OECD’s broader engagement in key international fora addressing topics at the heart of green finance, investment and policy, including:

    • The Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition which brings together leaders from across government, the private sector and civil society to share experience and expand the evidence base for the most effective carbon pricing systems and policies

    • The G20, e.g. with "Investing in Climate, Investing in Growth" produced in the context of the German G20 Presidency, or through a number of working groups including the G20 Green Finance Study Group, which has identified policy options for enhancing the ability of the financial system to mobilise private capital for green investment;groundbreaking discussions to start greening the international financial system

Sponsors can include governments, private industry, philanthropies, funds, and other organisations seeking to support the scaling up of private finance for the low-carbon transition and other environmental objectives, and to maintain continued momentum across governments at the international level.


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