Why the OECD

 If you join the OECD, you will have the opportunity to:

  • be involved in high-profile research

  • participate in an international network of policy-makers

  • engage with talented people with different points of view and from diverse backgrounds
  • provide best practices, advice and recommendations

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What we offer

  • @Jirsak/Shutterstocka competitive salary

  • an attractive benefits package

  • comprehensive medical and social coverage

  • a pension plan

  • a fair and inclusive workplace

  • flexible working conditions
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Make your way

We work in a co-operative, collaborative and respectful environment where continuous growth is strongly encouraged.

We support and nurture your development and growth via:

  • informal mentoring and guidance
  • training programmes
  • annual performance reviews
  • competency development discussions

Where it can take you

  • We are growing in membership and scope

  • Our expansion creates a path for your progress

  • You will build your skills by working alongside experts

  • You will have the opportunity to develop a network which will remain a source of knowledge exchange throughout your career

  • Working at the OECD is a strong calling card for your career!
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