Applications for the YPP 2019-2021 Round closed on December 9th.


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Please read through the sections below to find out more about the Programme.

The OECD is a global economic forum working with 36 member countries and more than 100 emerging and developing economies to make better policies for better lives. Our mission is to promote policies that will improve the economic and social well-being of people around the world. We provide a unique forum in which governments work together to share experiences on what drives economic, social and environmental change, seeking solutions to common problems.

We aim to improve our efficiency and effectiveness; staff members are encouraged to actively contribute to this goal.


What do Young Professionals do?

The Young Professionals Programme (YPP) brings talented young professionals into the OECD to work and develop their career with the guidance of senior colleagues.

Selected candidates are appointed at A1 grade

The Programme lasts two years during which our Young Professionals (YPs) work with experienced and enthusiastic people, representative of a rich diversity of cultures, languages and professional backgrounds.

They collaborate ‌with senior national policy makers who participate in the OECD’s technical and policy meetings each year.

YPs research and analyse key current policy issues. They are at the centre of an international network, involved in some of the most innovative, high-profile research and policy discussions taking place.

The Young Professionals contribute to the:

  • monitoring
  • analysis
  • forecasting
  • reporting of economic and social developments.

The OECD uses this research to prepare:

  • policy documents
  • committee reports
  • intergovernmental discussion
  • publications

YP assignments are based on organisational requirements and matched to:

  • academic background

  • professional experience

  • candidate's personal preference

Assignments for YPs have been selected for their alignment with the Secretary-General’s Strategic Objectives and frequently involve horizontal projects connecting different policy areas in the Organisation. 

Do they benefit from training and mentoring?

We encourage active professional development throughout the Programme both:

  • on the job

  • through dedicated training sessions


To facilitate career development, each YP will work with mentors who are senior officials at the OECD.


YPs have access to:

  • the OECD’s staff training offer
  • training sessions especially designed for the Programme

Additionally, YPs receive informal mentorship and guidance from previous YP cohorts.

Throughout the Programme, YPs will have ample networking opportunities within the OECD and beyond.

Are you an ideal candidate for this Programme?

First, to be eligible, you must satisfy these 2 criteria:

  • be born on or after 30 September 1989 (exceptions will be made for nationals of OECD member countries which have madatory military service)


  • have an OECD member country nationality

Check which are the OECD member countries

Then you should have:

  • an advanced academic degree in a subject of relevance to the OECD's work

  • a minimum of two years' full time professional experience in related fields for candidates with Master's degree(s)

  • strong quantitative and analytical skills demonstrated by academic achievement

  • knowledge of country policies and institutions and an understanding of political and reform processes

  • an excellent written and oral command of one of the two official languages of the OECD (English and French) and working knowledge of, or willingness to learn, the other. Knowledge of other languages would be an asset

  • good alignment with OECD Core Competencies: level 3 indicators

What does it mean if I am selected?

Young Professionales are recruited for a fixed-term appointment of two years. At the end of the Programme, based on performance and organisational needs, YPs may wish to continue their careers at the OECD by applying for advertised vacancies.

YP assignments take place in Paris area, France, one of the most attractive cities in the world. 

Travel may be required, depending on the area of work and role, for a variety of reasons including:

  • collecting information

  • working with specialists, experts and policy makers from all over the world

  • communicating the OECD’s work to a broad range of audiences

What are the salary and benefits?

We offer:

  • competitive tax-free salaries

  • an attractive benefits package, which may include expatriation and family allowances depending on your individual situation

Browse the summary of conditions for more information

What are the steps in the selection process?


Would you like to know more?

Frequently asked questions

Why has the age limit been lowered to 30 years old?

The Young Professionals Programme (YPP) was initially launched to recruit talented and motivated individuals to entry-level positions, exclusively at the A1 grade, which was only used for the Programme and considered a ‘training’ grade. However, in recent years the majority of staff members at the A1 grade are appointed after applying to regular vacancies outside the scope of the YPP. Regular vacancies do not have age-related requirements.

As a result, over the last ten years there has been a gradual increase in the average age of those appointed to entry-level A1 positions at the OECD and raising the age limit bar for the YPP from 32 to 35 was a contributing factor. This had the effect of reducing the distinctiveness of the YPP positions, specifically for policy professionals at the outset of their career. Accordingly, lowering the age threshold intends to refocus the Young Professional Programme on its core target population, the very best entry level young professionals with strong development potential, and provide them with a distinct two year programme, whilst at the same time allowing more seasoned individuals to compete for standard positions at grade A1 or higher.

We invite candidates who do not meet the YPP age requirement to apply to other vacancies, entry-level or higher positions, published on an ongoing basis on our Career Website.

I am currently enrolled in a Master’s degree. Am I eligible for the YPP?

Yes, as long as you will have obtained your Master’s degree by the time of taking up duty in September 2019, and fulfil other eligibility criteria (e.g. have 2 years of relevant professional experience).

I was enlisted for mandatory military service. How does this affect the age limit for YPP?

The age limit will be extended by the length of the obligatory military service. Please note that gender-selective conscription systems are taken into consideration. Those who have not been subjected to mandatory military service will be expected to fulfil the original eligibility criteria.

Can I apply for more than one Young Professional position?

Yes. However, please ensure you read the requirements for each position carefully to make sure that you are a suitable candidate.

I have less than two years' full time professional experience. Can I still apply for the YPP?

Yes, if you hold a Doctorate degree. Candidates with Master’s degree(s) are expected to have at least 2 years’ professional experience which closely corresponds to the duties of the applicable YP position.

Is the starting date of the YPP flexible?

No. Selected candidates are expected to take up duty in September 2019.

I do not hold an OECD Member country citizenship. Can I still apply for the YPP?

We only recruit nationals of OECD member countries for the YPP.

I have a Colombian nationality, can I apply to the YPP?

Nationals of Colombia are welcome to apply to the YPP, but could only be appointed in case Colombia finalises its accession to the Organisation by September 2019.

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