The OECD is a leading source of economic data.

We first need the numbers to understand how countries grow and prosper. 

Then we look beyond the numbers to

  • research

  • analyse

  • improve the policies and institutions which shape our lives
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What makes the OECD unique

  • @Toria/ShutterstockSetting standards

  • Defining best practices

  • Providing high-quality policy advice

  • Taking multi-disciplinary perspectives

  • Using peer-learning approaches

The working environment

What the OECD work environment offers:

  • a stimulating and challenging workplace

  • the chance to promote your individual contribution through rigorous intellectual work

  • a place where you can share ideas, knowledge and expertise

  • a place where you interact with people who make for change
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Where we are

The OECD headquarters and Conference Centre

  • are located in Paris, France

  • offer a modern office space

  • propose 3,000 square meters of state-of-the-art conference rooms

  • welcome over 120,000 people every year
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