Food-chain analysis network

Analysing consumer food spending and improving the food chain

The Food Chain Analysis Network (FCAN) was launched by the OECD in 2010, and is an expert group of the OECD Committee for Agriculture.

The FCAN specialises in agro-food system analysis, with an emphasis on the potential to gather and exploit food system data, in particular on consumer expenditures to inform multi-country dialogue and identify good policy practices. The OECD Secretariat plays the role of facilitator and co-ordinator.

FCAN meetings are attended by national experts from government ministries and related institutions, who are invited to participate based on their experience in the collection and analysis of consumer data to inform food and agricultural policies. The ability of the OECD to promote effective dialogue on food policy issues depends the availability of relevant data and analysis; where possible, organised in a way that facilitates comparison across countries.

The FCAN also collaborates with the OECD Expert Group on the Economics of Public Health to address topics related to food and health, and in particular how governments and food industry stakeholders can work collectively towards creating a healthier food environment.

FCAN nominated experts can consult the password protected site to access documentation related to past and forthcoming meetings.

Latest update

Policies for encouraging healthier food choices

This report examines the evidence base on the health implications of unhealthy diets and its associated burden on health systems. It takes stock of current knowledge on the effectiveness of policy instruments and proposes a four-track policy approach to encourage healthier food choices that is consistent with wider objectives for the food and agriculture sector.


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