Below is the full list of agricultural issues that OECD staff are currently exploring through research and analysis. All of the analytical work, evidence and policy recommendations that we publish are available on the OECD iLibrary, even after we may replace an existing topic by another, new issue. Any data derived from our work is also made available for free online in the OECD's statistical database.

Most of this research work is undertaken by experts in the Trade and Agriculture Directorate of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), however we have also listed other work that is closely related to agriculture and that is managed by colleagues in other directorates of the OECD and organisations with whom we closely collaborate.

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Our analysis and policy recommendations are firmly anchored in our evidence base. Access our books on agriculture, food and fisheries and go in depth.

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We regularly publish food, agriculture and fisheries papers to quickly respond to emerging policy issues. Download them for free.

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The OECD collects and analyses vast amounts of data every year to fuel its research. Download it from our statistical database.

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