The OECD Fruit and Vegetables Scheme was established in 1962. Its main objective is to facilitate international trade through the harmonisation of implementation and interpretation of marketing standards. A further objective is to facilitate mutual recognition of inspections by participating countries.

The Scheme is well known for its explanatory brochures on standards, but is also involved in defining inspection procedures that are recognised in many countries, and in sponsoring training courses. The Scheme also organises peer reviews with the goal of helping the reviewed country improve its quality inspection system. Currently, 25 countries participate in the OECD Scheme, including several major exporting countries, for all or some of the products covered.

Another feature of the Scheme is its frequent meetings amongst stakeholders which allow for a comprehensive dialogue when reviewing and elaborating the OECD standards’ interpretation as well as defining inspection procedures.


Participants at the Scheme's 1962 annual meeting held in Paris.

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