OECD Global Forum on Agriculture

OECD Global Forum on Agriculture 2019: Policy Priorities for the Global Food System

Paris, France | 14 May, 2019

The global food and agriculture system is expected to deliver on a formidable “triple challenge”: ensuring food security and nutrition for a global population that is expected to increase by a further 2 billion in the next 30 years; using land, water and biodiversity resources sustainably, while contributing to climate change mitigation; and providing a livelihood for more than 500 million farmers and other agents along the food chain.

A major challenge for policy makers stems from the fact that measures to address one objective (e.g. improved nutrition or environmental sustainability) may have repercussions for others (e.g. farmer livelihoods or the affordability of food). In some cases, there may be synergies, with a policy to address one objective also helping with another; but in many cases there will be trade-offs, with policymakers having to make hard choices or needing to identify complementary action, including in other policy areas, to enable a better mix of outcomes.

The goal of this Global Forum on Agriculture was to contribute to a shared understanding of the challenges facing the food system, and of how a system-wide perspective can lead to improved policy making. Stakeholders from across the food system and policy makers were invited to exchange views on how more holistic food and agriculture policies can be achieved and on the implications for OECD’s work in this area.


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Global Forums on Agriculture

The OECD Global Forums on Agriculture fosters an informed dialogue between OECD member and non-member economies on agricultural policies issues. This dialogue is based on regular monitoring and analysis to evaluate and strengthen the process of policy reform and trade liberalisation through forward-looking analysis, and addresses emerging agricultural policy issues.

Participants include government officials from OECD countries and a wide range of non-member economies, agricultural experts from intergovernmental organisations, NGOs, producer groups and agribusiness, and researchers.

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